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Name: Emily
Sign : Libra.

About me: i'm sort of like cosco, I'm big, I'm not fancy, and i dare you to not like me.

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Here’s a puppy.


Chanel SS 2015 

With all the talk on feminism in recent days (see: Emma Watson’s UN speech and Beyonce’s MTV performance), it was hard to ignore the statement that Karl Lagerfeld was trying to make with his latest Chanel SS 2015 Presentation in Paris. Models trooped down the runway in outfits that were both loud and proud, subtle and functional. Altogether, everything a girl might need in a powerful working woman’s closet. 

The feminist protest on ‘Boulevard Chanel’ served a fitting finale for a collection that showcased both femininity and strength. As a feminist myself, the quote by Coco Chanel on my blog rang especially true after the show: “A fashion that does not reach the streets, is not fashion.” Fashion quite literally took to the streets at Chanel with the protest to “make fashion, not war.” Hear ye, hear ye! 


Infinite 4th Generation

"For the record I advised against trusting you here.
        Prove me wrong.”


Quite possible the greatest tweet ever written. 

BBC Sherlock Characters » Molly Hooper

Shame about this Quell thing. Now, you… You could’ve made out like a bandit in the Capitol. Jewels, money, anything you wanted.”